Skin cancer cryotherapy and surgery

Skin Cancer Checks

A comprehensive full body skin check to identify skin damage and monitor lesions for cancerous or suspicious changes.

Cryotherapy for age spots

Age spots can become cancerous and can be removed by cryosurgery. This treatment uses a cooling solution to freeze the affected area.

Removal of suspicious moles

Moles can become cancerous and can easily be removed by surgical excision.

Biopsy and cautery surgery

Certain skin lesions are appropriate for a less invasive surgical removal involving a shave biopsy. The area is then treated with cauterization, which uses heat treatment.

Dr Wadhera performs these procedures at his Medical Practice in St. Clair, Medicare rebates available.

Results will vary from patient to patient and do not reflect the outcome of your surgery; nor does Dr Wadhera guarantee specific results.

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Dr Wadhera (M.B.B.S) has practiced medicine for over 40 years in Sydney. He is trained as a General Practitioner and in Cosmetic Medicine, specialising in aesthetic medicine and skin care surgery. Dr Wadhera is renowned for his quality of results and workmanship, as well as developing trusted relationship with clients. Dr Wadhera specialises in advanced techniques, complex cases and correctional work.

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