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Dr Wadhera (M.B.B.S) has practiced medicine for over 40 years in Sydney, having trained as a General Practitioner and in Cosmetic Medicine. He has a special interest in cosmetic/aesthetic medicine and skin care surgery.

Dr Wadhera’s medical aesthetics treatments include advanced techniques of anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injectables as well as the latest lipodissolve treatments. He also performs skin surgical procedures including skin cancer surgery, removal of skin tags, age spots, moles by excision (biopsy), cryosurgery or cauterisation.

Dr Wadhera understands that clients are concerned about safety and discretion, he consistently does his utmost to ensure that his valued clients’ individual needs are sufficiently catered for. Dr Wadhera upholds a superior reputation for providing excellence in aesthetic treatments in Sydney which has been hard earned over many years of his practice. He endeavours to exceed all of his clients’ expectations by providing cosmetic treatments which are founded upon professionalism, discretion, and superior results.

Choose an expert with experience

Performing quality non surgical cosmetic treatments truly is an acquired art form which only comes from years of expertise, dedication and practice. When performed by Dr Wadhera, a trained medical practitioner who has excellent knowledge of the anatomy of facial anatomy, clients can be assured they will achieve best possible results with minimal risk.

Dr Wadhera was admitted to the NSW Medical Board in 1977 and heads a successful medical clinic, established in 1979. He is fully licenced with AHPRA and has medical indemnity insurance for all cosmetic and medical treatments.

Dr Wadhera is a member of:

  • The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
  • Australian Medical Acupuncture College
  • Small Group Learning Q.A. & C.P.D. Facilitator
  • Nepean Division of General Practice
  • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Former member of the R.A.C.G.P. Preventative Medicine Committee

Advanced techniques, specializing in complex cases

Dr Wadhera specialises in complex anti-wrinkle and dermal filler procedures, including advanced techniques and complex cases, including correctional work for those treated elsewhere. Dr Wadhera uses a total face approach and provides expert and honest medical insight on what is achievable for his clients.

Reputation matters

Dr Wadhera has a reputation for achieving excellent results. He is a seasoned physician, possessing intimate knowledge of the anatomy of the face, ensuring clients achieve the best possible results with the least possible risk.

Dr Wadhera provides continuity of care, taking time to understand facial anatomy, medical history and desired cosmetic goals. He is known for his quality of results and workmanship; with the majority of his clients originating through referrals and word-of-mouth.

Competitive pricing

Cosmetic injectables and non-surgical treatments have become widely available recently, however many clinics may not have doctors performing the injectable treatments. Dr Wadhera delivers excellence in his workmanship through years of experience; whilst also offering competitive pricing. Loyalty discounts are offered to repeat clientele.

No rushing

Dr Wadhera provides a bespoke service; his consultations involve educating his clients about procedures so they are fully informed and reassured in achieving their aesthetic goals.

Dr Wadhera is known for developing trusted relationships with clients and prides himself on maintaining excellent communication with clients, being available to answer any questions or concerns. His primary objective is to ensure that clients are completely comfortable, fully informed and educated about any procedure they are undertaking.


Dr Wadhera offers flexibility in access and communication with his clients, he is available by phone, text, WhatsApp or Facebook. He is accessible to his clients for follow up calls and consultations, to ask questions, send selfies or plan a treatment.

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